Do women like asexual men? Part 2?

in my last question… I asked whether girls like asexual men, however most people thought that meant serious relationship/marriage. when all i meant was good friends. I know i could expect a girl to give up sex just to be with me. Id love be one of their "girlfriends". hangout with them, go to the mall, ETC... The problem is I don't think im gay and therefore the girls might be uncomfortable.


i am female and would not have a problem being your friend and or hanging out


Why not? As a friend you don't need to have sex. So why would they care?


Just tell them you're asexual, it's pretty common and almost mainstream nowadays. You'll find TONS of female friends. Where do you live, BTW ?

Women are TIRED to be treated like sexual targets by men, they're going to ADORE you.

Most men are nothing but garbage anyways, all they want is to criticize women and bully them. Example: GS Section.


OMG yes LOVE. I would LOVE to have guy friends that I never had to worry about hitting me up for a one-nighter. LOL.

More seriously, I mean some people might have questions, as I know I would, but anyone is gonna have questions whether they ask them or not. I am just a generally curious person. :) But as long as the rest of your personality is right, you have NOTHING to worry about. Most people don't think about that. I mean I don't tell people I'm gay unless they ask. Just don't even mention it unless you want to talk about it, you know? No pressure, be who you are!

And no, straight fellas, I know you're not ALL out for sex, but there are a lot of men (and women!) who are. Eep!