Is it normal that my mom used to bite me as a kid?

She would often bite my arms and hands and maybe thighs, but it would really hurt and I'd cry but she said she was showing me love that way. I've never heard anyone say that their mom's or dad's did this so I'm wondering if it's weird or abusive or something. I'm 19 now, btw.



Yes, I'd call that rather strange. Animals do this, but I have never heard of people doing so.


umm.. no.... that is weird. she probably has/had problems. no offense


That is strange of your mother to do! I believe this is child abuse


i don't know how to tell you this, but you were physically abused as a child.


No, it's not normal.


hahahaha this is kinda creepy yet at the same time slightly hilarious... i don't think that's normal... hehe


No, that is not normal. Hurting your child, even if you do love them a lot, is wrong.


hahah thats cute. when people love each other sometimes thats how they show their love and affection. some people may not know how to show it in other ways. it is normal and is human. look up body language on the internet or read some books, you will find sometimes :

if he/she bites you, it means they want to get closer to u or they love u bla blabla". when i want to show affection to someone sometimes i play around with them by biting them. i bite my bf's arms sometimes. lots of people do it. im completely normal btw.

dont forget different people show their affection in different ways. dont read too much into it. mabye she shouldnt have done it so hard as to make you cry though lol and dont forget kids can be more sensitive to pain, she might not have realised how hard she was biting you.