Seriously, when you see a person with serious dark circles, what do you think of them or about them? Plz, ans.?

I have serious dark circle, which no matter how hard I try to hide won't hide. I have tried all kinds of solutions. I have tried all kinds of creams; paid $110 once. I have tried makeup, but it never matches with my skin. I can't ever find my skin color foundation or concealor. I have never ever used drugs or got drunk. I think I eat healthy too. I sleep around 12:00 pm or sometimes around 2-3 am when I have to study and the house is quite. My mom has them too. I am Asian, so I am not that dark or white. I don't go out b/c of my dark circles, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, I feel looked down upon. I feel as if people are starring at my dark circles. It has killed my self-esteem. I am always feeling ugly. But I am not letting it affect my education. Can some give me any advice? And I would like to know what you think when you see someone with serious dark circles.


I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with dark circles. I've seen plenty people with them and I've just thought that they must not get that much sleep. Seeing as you go to bed pretty late, I can understand the dark circles. It's not a bad thing, I get them too when I don't get much sleep. You must be a hard worker! Just don't let the dark circles bring you down. I'm sure you look fine!


It depends on how old they are. If they're a little child then I think someone must be abusing or neglecting them. If they're an old person I just think "they're old". If they're between 18-60 I think they must need more sleep. I never think anything against that person. It's really not a big deal. BTW- maybe you should go to the Shisheido counter at your local Macy's (Nordstrom etc.) and try to get a match. It's an Asian brand and their products suit Asian skintones really well.


Honestly I don't usually even notice, if I do I don't pay attention to dark circles much. At worst I would think maybe you had a long night, but it doesn't really give me any particular idea about you as a person or think the person is ugly or anything?

I think maybe you should go to therapy. Something like this should not make you so upset or self conscious, my guess it that this issue might be more related to how you feel about yourself in general rather than the dark circles specifically?

But for concealing them- go to makeup counters at department store, or go to Sephora or a similar store that sells tons of different brands and have them help you find a good color match for your skin tone. I think Prescriptives and other brands/companies can sometimes even mix you a custom color for some things too? Also look at Shiseido, like another answer said.


I have dark spots under my eyes too, and I have never felt that way. If you really feel down, put sunglasses on, but I think you should be proud of what you have.