Would Xanex help with my fear of Social Situations?

I'm going to the doctor a week from today for this and hopefully get him to prescribe me Xanex. I heard it helps and/or cures Social anxiety. Anyone taken Xanex for it?


It may calm some of the anxiety, but at quite a cost (i.e., addiction). In addition, it will do nothing to treat the core issue.

Xanax is extraordinarily addictive. It is highly unlikely your doc will prescribe it without trying psychotherapy first.

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Xanex is a benzodiazepine, so while it will cure your social anxiety (which is what it is meant for) it has a great risk for dependence, and it does not work in the long run, as tolerance is built quickly.


Doctors in general do not prescribe Xanax or other benzodiazepines for social anxiety since it causes dependence, tolerance, and has a potentially life-threatening withdrawal syndrome. Xanax is usually only prescribed in the short-term and for cases of very extreme anxiety (such as acute panic attacks). Your doctor will probably prescribe you with an SSRI such as Paxil.


Listen to "Michelle" above--right on answer.

Drugs are not the answer. At best they can take some of the edge off, that is make the anxiety somewhat less.

You're probably introverted, and will always have some unease in social situations.

What you need is to gain social skills through practice. That's the real answer. And it will take time and some courage.

Check out some of these books:…

Listen, I'm highly introverted, still am at 69, but I'm retired after a successful 29-year career (probation officer), gave training at work, gave speeches, used to sing solos every week and so on.

You can do it to. Just keep working at learning!

Best wishes.


It might, but if this is the first prescription, the doctor may not prescribe Xanax at first because it is a controlled substance. There are lots of anti-anxiety medicines out there.

Remember that lots of these may help your anxiety, but you may become extremely dependent on them if not addicted. Some of them just make you sleepy or relax your muscles giving the illusion of reduced anxiety. Most of them just cloud your mind so you feel calmer.

I would say try some counseling or therapy first if it is a big problem.

There is no concrete 'cure' for social anxiety.


It won't get rid of your fear,just take the edge off. Doctors are very careful who they prescribe xanax and other benzodiazapines to.If you're a drinker or illegal drug user, no way a good doctor is going to give you that. Maybe he/she will. Xanax is sold illegally on the street.People make a living out of buying other people's prescription drugs.Anyway, be responsible if you are given xanax or another similar medication.Be careful.Its highly addictive, but if you use it as directed you should be OK.In addition to the medication, I think you would benefit from attending a group for social anxiety.My husband did.Actually, it was kind of funny because all these people with social anxiety would frequently not attend due to that.My husband's group leader would call him before the meetings to talk him into coming. Sometimes he did, other times not.Good luck to you.