Does this trait make a 21 year old guy unattractive to girls?

Well I'm a 21 year old male and I have a physical trait that I think is utterly hideous for a 21 year old male to have. I have a receeding hairline. You can laugh, I don't give a f*ck. I keep my head shaved, I've kept it shaved for about the last three years now. A shaved head doesn't make my mark go away, but at least I don't have to keep styling my hair to make it look right. I figure it's better to have no hair then half a head of hair. I don't have acne, bad hygiene and I brush my teeth. So I can't help but to think it's my hideous hairline. When my hair starts to brussel sprout in after a few days, my mom tells me I look like Jason Stathem, the transporter guy, he's cool, but I'm not proud of that. Is my condition really this bad?


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So balding guys can be hot. My first serious boyfriend starting balding at 17 and I thought he was hot ****. He hated it but I loved him with all my heart.

I have a friend, who is in the peace corp now, and he has a receding hairline and he wears it well.

This is hereditary and there is nothing you can really do about it. I say try to stand tall and realize that people will find you attractive and some won't. However, that's the case whether you are balding or not.


My husband is 46 and still hates his receding hairline and is always doing his hair different to overcome it. He went bald for about a year until I told him to just grow his hair back and quit worrying about it. He has the bruce willis hairline or go look at John Travolta without his weave...that's my husband's hairline. It really doesn't bother me at all. It is what it a girl having a bigger than she'd like nose or a weak's something SO superficial. Would a girl look better with a barbie nose and a Angelina Jolie chinlne...probably but you can't have it all. Your personality is gonna win the day with smart non-shallow girls, your hairline will not even be a thought to a girl worth getting.


NO! It certainly does not. Your Jason Stathem example is a good one b/c the only film he looked bad in (to me) was "Revolver" when they put a full head of hair on him.

Yes, there are women who like bald men. I am one of them. I used to like dating thinning hair men b/c I knew that, in time, they would be bald & that just meant they were going to be more attractive w/ age. It has always been an "eye appeal" thing w/ me, but I did find another advantage. When heavy kissing was happening, it didn't have to stop at the hair line. So keep staying well groomed & clean. I'd have to do a search in my old answers, but this has come up before & I linked a whole bunch of photos to bald & balding men. Most were not famous. Just random photos on-line. And I detest those "Hair Club for Men" commercials. They look worse in the "after" photo & it's a shame those men paid thousands of dollars to look that way. A full head of hair can be nice, but it's not an "either or" thing. BOTH can be very appealing when a man is well groomed. Not matter what age.


I prefer bald, to comb over... I think some guys actually look good bald!


Your money is a lot more important to them than your hairline.


I LOVE shaved heads - on sexy guys. If you're handsome with hair - nice face/bod, you'll be just as hot without it =)


embrace your baldness. own your shaved head. if you do that then no one will think any less of you.


Hair doesn't make the man. At your age other things are becoming more important to women than hair.

Why did I get a thumbs down for this.....