Is it degrading for a man to massage a woman's feet?

Say that this guy & girl are just "friends" and are not having sex. But they hang out a lot, and every time they sit on the couch to watch TV or talk, she puts her feet in his lap and expects a massage. And while this guy doesn't particularly mind feet (as long as they're clean), he's not one of those foot fetish guys, so it's not like he's getting to rub boobs or anything special like that. And considering that the girl appears to enjoy this attention on an almost sexual level, wouldn't you think that she'd at least owe the guy the occasional oral sex or something?

Would the guy be a chump if he continued to massage this woman's feet on a regular basis? Is he being used?

Note: this is a purely hypothetical situation. The male person discussed is in no way me.


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Not as long as she doesn't kick him.

And if you want oral sex from this person, give them oral sex. Then the polite thing for them to do would be to give you oral sex.



what? no?

i mean feet are gross, if you ask me. the girl is probably doing it flirtatiously, but god, do people really think some things will make them a "chump"? like, if they're too nice to someone?

and no, she doesnt "owe" anyone anything, it makes you a jerk if you count every little action you do expecting something in return. that, and a preoccupation with the fear of being htought of as a "chump" are what would make you (the hypothetical you, since this is not about you) the chump.




not nearly as degrading as some of the fetishes that i have.


Odd fetish of the day #1.


She should at least blow him in return.



I need a massage every now and then. That's why I have a membership.


no guy should ever give a woman (or a man) a foot rub, unless he is at least going to get at least a bj out of it.