What would you tell someone who was about to kill you?

What would you say to convince them not to?


i would say something like:

"i'm worth way more money to my family if I'm sold back alive"

money, always the answer lol


I'd tell them Chuck Norris is my uncle.



I wouldn't say anything. I'd do it before they did. =P


Well this is a bit of a weird question.

Why were they trying to kill me?

What would they be trying to achieve? etc.


Please don't. I have a family who loves me dearly and I'd do anything to be saved. So please,I'm begging you. How would you feel if one of your family members died? please. don't do this.


I would tell anyone attempting to kill me the following: If you attempt to kill me, I have some bad news for you and some good news for you. The bad news is that your are going to hit the ground very hard. The good news is that you will not feel a thing because you will be dead before you hit the ground. Never mess with a former SEAL.


i'd tell them to "do it"

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