Why do older women look better than youngers one?

today im seeing women in their 40s who look better than women in their 20s, like whats that about lol im 17 by the way


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I'm an older woman, and here's my theory. First of all, I'd like to say that a woman can look good at any age if she is well-groomed, takes care of herself and has a good eye for fashion. If older women look better than younger women, it's for these reasons but also because an older woman is more likely to be self-confident and to know how to dress to flatter her best features and downplay her faults. Older women also tend to have more money to spend on themselves so they can get facials, have their hair styled at a good salon, buy higher-end clothing and so forth. Even if they don't have money, an older woman is more likely to use good judgment about what looks good on her and spend her clothing and grooming budget wisely.


they took care of themselves, as we all should


I disagree with you. I have been told that I am very attractive and I am in my mid 20's.


You forgot to add "lol" at the end of your details there.


ell, from what i've seen, young girls think it is a good thing to look like a cheap hooker these days because of society.


Mutton dressed up as lamb is never attractive.

16-20 is really when a woman is at her peak of attractiveness.


i think this is the exception, rather than the rule.

i am amazed by some women out there who look smoking hot in their 30's, 40's, and even 50's. but this is mainly celebrities.


Apples to apples they don't.

Fat young chick vs fit older woman===older woman wins

otherwise, younger woman by a landslide.