How do you make yourself feel better when you feel depressed?

and i don't wanna be social, i don't wanna go out, i don't feel like i have any friends. what can i do to be happier? i miss the people that used to be in my life, but they can't be in my life anymore because everyone goes on different paths.

how do i feel better? what would you do?



get on the computer

watch comedy movies

take the dog for a walk

eat chocolate :((

go swimming



well lately, Ive been having these feelings on and off and it's so weird that I could be at work and I suddenly feel tired mentally and physically and I just want to go home, curl up and sleep. Everything slows down and I feel all burnt out, because I've pushed myself through bad times and never dealt with any of it, it caught up with me in the end..but I dont label myself 'depressed' and never will probably because I still have the determination there that makes me get up and get things done eventually.

I hear what you're saying and those feelings are understandable, it's like being in a coma and everyone else seems to be alert, energetic and positive getting on with their lives..leaving you feeling 'left behind' when actually you've got lots of choices and options out there and your life is far from over.

I personally find, like what's happening right now..that by using Answers and helping others, I feel I have a purpose and so that 'dark cloud' disappears, because im doing something positive and worthwhile. This also links to the fact that I want to help others as a career (social work) so i guess that's what keeps me going.

Think about things that always cheer you up, there will be something. Another great one is music, listen to upbeat music and is bound to help your mood a little. Even though everyone is on different paths, there is nothing to stop you from combining keeping in touch with them and meeting new friends, as this shows the start of a new chapter in your life. You are moving on. For some people, watching a comedy film, cooking or looking through old photos helps (that one is particularly good because it will remind you of who you are, your experiences, happy times etc). There is a solution to the way you are feeling and it will take time to come out of the mood you're in but you will do it. good luck =)


do some thing u like or think about something nice and not about the thing which is making u depressed


courteous, considerate, selfless actions will help uplift your mood. Do this enough and you'll feel better


Take a hot shower or bath, listen to some music and take some time to lay back. Also having somebody to talk things over with and to get things off of your chest can really help.


heyy mannn, i know how you feel. find a close friend or girl/boyfriend and just spill your guts out. if not, make music, hear music. do what ever you love doing. also you can do something physically activity cause it releases (negative) energy.:)

Hope this helps!


I can tell you're young by the way you talk. Did you just graduate from HS, and your friends went off to college and to do other things? I think it might be helpful for you to do some volunteer work.Helping others can take your mind off yourself. Sometimes by helping others, you help yourself. You will meet new people.People move on.Things and people change. Its part of life.


I listen to music, watch anime, and play video games. I deal with Anxiety, sinus infection, depression, and acid reflux. I know how you feel when it comes to depression. Music is a big help though. I watch anime because that's something I LIKE, you should do something you like. I'm no doctor.. I'm only a 14 year old teen. So I can't really help, but I try.