How can i develop physic abilities?

i KNOW for fact that i (and anyone who puts their mind to it) can develop physic abilities. but i was wondering how i can do so. so:

how can i develop physic abilities?

please answer!




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Reading and researching always helps, just to know your basics. Someone who really helped me is a psychic medium, Kimberly Bunch. I've watched almost all of her videos, lol. I suggest you go down to her first ones, and look through what you're most interested in learning about. She teaches tons of things, from seeing auras to developing telepathy. If you don't want to listen to her, there's many other people on YouTube who teach this stuff. :)

It's also important to have balance. Especially of your left and right brain. Your left is for logic: math, science, etc. Your right is for creativity, art, music, imagination, etc. Being healthy helps with everything as well. And most importantly, believe in yourself.


You can't, there is no such thing.


I can help. if you put your mind to working out more, you can build that ability


I think you can't you just have to be born with it.


Try putting your mind to it then Mr.Physic. Also, santa has a key to the tooth fairys magic psychic easter box, call him.


This will give you abilities in like 5 mins!…


Well, you'd probably want to learn how to spell psychic first. Personally, I think if there are actual psychics, they aren't the ones who go around taking your money to tell you your future.


Take Physics in high school. With some studying, it should be no problem. Then you'll never have to wonder about Newton's laws of motion, how long it's going to take for that baseball to hit the ground, or which car will take the most damage in a head-on collision again.


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