Poll (Women): Are you attracted to a nice butt on a guy?

Just looking to gauge if women are attracted to a guy's backside. I have always been attracted to a woman's booty but it seems that more women are into arms etc on a guy than their bottom...just thought I'd ask....


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I do care about overall fitness, so buff arms would be part of that. But assuming a guy is basically fit (no beer belly, etc), then a well-shaped butt (nice and round without being flabby) is a definite attraction and turn on for me.




yes, that and their back/shoulders.


Not really...I hardly notice guys' butts, to be honest.


i love it when a guy has a nice but. its better than it being flat!


In a word, yes.


Honestly no.



yes i love nice butts.

i barely care about arms.

i like a nice junk and a nice face and back.

no backne or hairy back pls. lol