Why do I get annoyed and mad so easily?

I'm 13 if it matters. Even the simplest of questions make me just want to scream at the person "Shut the fu k up!" I feel so bad but at the same time, I don't give a damn about it and just want to blast my music so I can block them out. I have blood tests taken every 3-5 months so I know I don't have bipolar unless it's going undetected. My mom, half sister and youngest half brother have bipolar. I have more of my dad's genes though who doesn't have any medical history of mental illness. Counting doesn't help me a bit. I literally look at the person like "What the hell? Counting don't help." I can just be asked what I want to eat, and I'll literally be like "I don't give a crap." and I'll say it all pissy like.

I know this has nothing to do with what I'm asking but why am I so depressed or just upset constantly? I'll be so depressed to a point, I'll think "Why am I even living? All people do is yell at me." I even tried suicide when I was 10. I'm just getting so worried about my behavior. Am I becoming bipolar or is it just a puberty thing? I just don't know. I'm just really scared someone is going to take me to a therapist and I don't feel comfortable just pouring out my whole life story to a stranger.


Dude, been there done that.. I know exactly how you feel, I'm pretty much still going through the same thing and it's been 2 years. I also don't give a **** about anything really, my attitude towards life has pretty much been "I dont give a fu*k about anything/anyone". I don't think it's bipolar as many people go through the same exact thing, so I guess it puberty.. Everyone goes through a point in their life were they dont give a **** about anything. I also get pissed off at the most stupidest things, I hate when people ask me the same questions twice, I flip out at the most smallest things because it annoys me - Yet, I am aware of the fact that it's a small thing and that I shouldn't have gotten mad. Forget about therapists, fu*k them. They don't help for sh*t - I can assure you of that, you'll be spending money for no reason because all they do is listen and give complete BS advice, they'll only piss you off more because of their dumb fuc*ing questions.

You'll start getting less annoyed of such things as time passes and as you grow older, don't be too hard on yourself bro. Keep your head up and stay strong.


Don't get upset with me or reject the idea I'm about to throw out.

But have you ever smoked marijuana, because from a medical point of view, it helps you socially in more ways than one. I smoke it sometimes as a relaxation method, and i still get a 4.0 gpa in College. And I'm way more social and love everyone when i'm high, even my piss *** brother. :)