Do you think societal taboo scares men straight?

Many straight men are *repressed* regarding bisexuality but if you look at the Univ of Georgia Study we see that even the most hostile homophobes show same sex attraction and they don't even know it!

Add this to the fact that straight men have sexual romances with each other in prison and in other all male environments like the Navy (well documented) then we can see that societal taboo and the fear men themselves experience - has a lot to answer for.

What do you think

Do you malleability in sexual orientation is gender specific or equally distributed between the genders? Is it more or less taboo for a man to admit bisexuality and accept his own preferences?


Some men, yes.


To each their own.


bi-sex? no never, no guy likes other guys but gay guys. There is no "gay" repression.

You disgust me, and most likely Allah also.


All that I can say is that I find women very attractive, in the sexual sense. And men not at all. Nor do I care what society thinks about that.


Perhaps, men like the security of being heterosexual while doing homo-erotic activities, that is men enjoy homo-erotic activities so as long as it's not regarded or pointed out as homo-erotic. This is the reason most self-proclaimed heterosexual men cheat with other men via internet. In prison men have a system of where effeminate men, "the rapee", are regarded as "the women," while the tougher andaggressivee men are regarded as the rapists, "the men," and this is so they can enjoy homo-erotic activities while taking comfort in heterosexuality.