Does anyone thats poor get down about not having enough possessions?

im 33 and i live on benefits in a flat for 6 years now , i dont get much money , im on benefits for psychiatric reasons .

i dont possess or own a lot of possessions , i mainly have an ; old desktop computer with windows xp still - an old playstation 2 , a couple of games , a couple of old books , an old 2nd hand CRT tv from a charity shop , but the sound is not that good and the tube needs fixing , and old microwave , a very ancient stove - a few shoes and old clothes, a few shorts .

and thats more or less it.

thing is ; i have ocd which causes me to think i need lots of material possessions in order to feel happy and secure.. i obsess about it too.

and when i think of all the things there is too buy and that i haven't got , i get anxious and depressed .

things like ; an i phone , the new i phone , net book , digital cameras , wireless Internets , a mobile / cell phone - a new kettle , a new stove, a new fridge , decent computer speakers - playstation 3 - a new sofa , a new bed .

all those things i dont have and it will take some time to save for them - so this affects my obsessive anxiety , because there is a lot of material items i think i need, that i dont have ?

and the media and television tells you that you need all these items.

does anyone else get feelings like this ? or what way do you handle it ?



Many people i know are in the same position as you are but most of them try not to get attached to material possessions because 9 times out of 10 they'll get lost again, perhaps all you need a fresh perspective on this. so many people work jobs they hate to buy **** they dont need, think about it, how will it make you any more happier - do you need or just want these material possessions. Or for example, my friends house unfortunately burnt down the other month loosing everything they had saved up for and made their life from and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back and the money in their pockets, but they got used to the idea that material possessions aren't necessary to form a "life" if you haven't already, check out the film "fight club" its pretty inspiring.

Media and television are an invention of the 21st century and believe it or not there was a time when nobody had any of these things, and they survived. Live for experiences not for how many "things" you can get into a home. Home shouldn't mean being surrounded by a wide screen television knowing your favourite show will be on repeatedly the exact same time every single day and being home in time to catch it.

Sure you need things to be comfortable but things will come eventually. Try not to stress out about time, or even so think of it as you will get everything you need but in time relax a little and be comforted in the fact you may have to wait a very long time to get the things you want but in the end it will all be worth the wait, instead of getting anxious about it, get excited! once you have one of the things on your list you can get excited about the next!

I hope this helps its just my view is all


The very fact that you recognise the media's influence on people's consumption habits means that you shouldn't get down about it. The only reason they try to equate having these possessions with happiness is so they can profit. If you recognise that you can exist perfectly happily through cheaper pursuits (reading old books, walking, cycling, relationships, etc) then you should feel satisfied in avoiding the lifestyle that the rich have you striving for, which forgoes real happiness.


Stuff the media, they are idiots. Do not listen to a thing they say because you do not NEED it because it is a want and practically useless. Just think yourself lucky because there are many people who don't have a home and only 1 set of clothes. You should be happy with what you have. You just have a average persons stuff and I understand you have OCD but you don't need these things. They are not necessary in the slightest bit and you do not need them.


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