Did my teacher have the right?

ok, well one daya couple of friends of mine went into town after school to go shopping, which isn't illegal is it? and then when they went into new look our teacher was in there too and she told them to leave the shop because they were in school uniform and when they said no she threatened to tell the headteacher! it doent say at all that we're not allowed to go to town in school uniform so what made her have the right?


to be honest, i don't think she has the right at school says you can go into town in our school uniform as long as you look smart. or if part of your uniform, like your jumper for example is particularly recognisable for being from your school (like my ugly school jumper) just take it off so you just have your shirt, and skirt/trousers on.

why would she have the right to kick you out of new look. it's not like she owns new look. i think you should go straight to the head, and ask her the rules on this. if they say its fine then tell them what the other teacher said, but if she says it is against the rules, don't mention going into new look and the other teacher.

if it is against the rules just bring in your own clothes to school, so that next time you can change into them and then go into town.


To wear a School Uniform one is representative of a particular School and to good behaviour in Public the School is viewed as being good too. A School Uniform also advertises/markets the School and therefore for any Teacher to not want their School identified in Public there is something wrong isn't there?.


If the rule is you can wear your school uniform any place in town, then there is no question you are in the right. She should apologize to you guys or at least explain why she said and did what she did.


if the teacher doesnt work in the shop she has no right to tell your friend to leave.

only people who work in the shop could do that.


as they were still in school uniform they were still representing the school you go to and if your friends were acting silly it would look bad on the school.

i think maybe you teacher doesnt actually like your friends that much and wanted to get away from them since school was over. when she saw them in the shop she was in she might of felt a bit annoyed so she wanted them to leave.


Maybe she was feeling alittle embarrassed for seeing a couple of students in the same store as her? and yeah she has no rights if i were your friends i wouldnt even listen to her. I mean what are they even doing wrong? NOTHING. What will her reason be for dobbing in the students to the headteacher? she has none.


If you wear a tie or something like this, then remove it, easy thing to do as they don't like to see students that represent the school going around etc incase they swear and all that crud.