Help wording a letter to a teacher?

I just finished writing a letter to a teacher that means a lot to me. I would like to write PS can we stay in contact via email possibly, but i do not know how to ask/word it to sound professional. any suggestions?



rather than doing a postscript at the end of your email just add: By the way, Ms._________, I would greatly enjoy maintaining contact through email. I have always appreciated your dedication to your students and I have truly appreciated all which I have learned throughout my course of time in your class. Hope to remain in touch.



Yes it is. If the above is too much just write her with:

P.S I would love to stay in touch through means of email. I thank you for everything you have done this year and hope you have a wonderful summer vacation.


I'd just put "PS. Feel free to use this email address if you want to get in touch" and leave it at that.