Sexual relationship with my new teacher? 10 points!?

OKAY ITS A LONG STORY BUT PLEASE READ. heres how it goes, I was away on holiday with all my friends for 4 weeks, we went out partying every night all the time and we had a group of guy friends. Well there was this guy (lets call him Mr.A) because i don't want to use names. Well we hit it off and spent most of it together and after it we had a load of pictures together on facebook (on the beach, kissing, out at night) & we always had the best sex ever! when we got back we kept in touch and were on the way to starting a relationship. But then i went to school one day to find out he was a new teacher starting! i thought i was just seeing things but i wasn't. he was shocked too see me too! All of my friends were texting me shocked about it and rumors started spreading because of the facebook pictures! I was wondering if he could lose his job over this? i don't want to do anything that can risk his job so i deleted all of the pictures and stopped replying and answering his calls. i really like him and was thinking if i moved school would it be okay then? i am in my last year of school and i am nearly 18, and he is 22. Please don't leave mean comments im already really upset about the whole thing!


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a good idea to delete the least answer one of his calls and talk to him tell him how u feel and afraid about his job and rumors and u need to talk with him and settle down things...give it some time....wait till you finish school don't join hands or talk in public places just keep it cool for a while and after you finish school and after 18 And graduation when u reach the certain age starts thing slowly again...i am pretty sure he wont allow you to move to another school...if you so care about him give it some time if your friends starting rumors face them without fear....ignore them....limit your contact with him for a while and tell him about it.......good luck


He's stupid for getting mixed up with an underage girl. His teaching career could end before it gets started; and if it does , he deserves it.

He must have cut a couple of education classes in college when the discussion was about avoiding these kinds of situations . Teacher rule #1:

Keep a professional barrier between teacher & student (a.k.a., familiarity breeds contempt). Again, he's an idiot.

And for you, nice going; maybe you'll whore around with some college profs next year.


He was not a teacher at the school when all of this happened. If you were 18 at the time, both of you were of legal age. I think you have done the right thing by removing any Facebook photos and not replying to any of his texts or calls. I would definitely not continue such a relationship while you are a student at the school (or even a student at another school). I think the best thing to do is keep your head down, ignore the rumors, and finish up the year.


You whore!


Life Unexpected! Boy, oh boy, does life imitate art.

You either have to change schools or he has to. No way around it.


Dont be upset, these things happen. Different states have different laws regarding age of consent. But i think given the age difference you would be ok to see him if he went to another school..


Yes, he could lose his job. This could haunt him professionally for a long time. Take down the pictures, pretend you don't know him, deny anything ever happened.

You guys can hook up again after you graduate.


I think that until you leave the school, you shouldn't do anything. After that, you won't be risking his job in the slightest. Just ignore the rumours, bulldoze through the year and have a happy life.

Cheer up, feel better soon.