Should I report my teacher?

My teacher would always yell at us for not understanding what she is teaching. For example, if someone asks a question about the topic, she would YELL at them yelling "YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION" when they have been. She never helps us. We have quizzes and many of the students in the class would not understand the questions on the quiz because she never helped us, and when we ask about a question she never taught us, her answer is "you should have paid attention and have gone to morning tutoring." Her desk is very unorganized and everyone in the class has "missing" work when we know that we turned it in. When we also need help she always says "you should have gone to my morning tutoring" but half the class doesn't have a ride in the morning to go to her tutoring session. Also she humiliates us in front of the class and in front of mostly EVERYONE in the 8th grade advance and gifted team. For example, my mom sent an email to her telling her about my grade and how I said that I turned in all my work (because I did) but it is still marked as missing, then the next day, the teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class about that email right when I entered the classroom, and I was humiliated, I cried. After that everyone (that was in the class) said I should have gone to our principle to report the teacher, should I?


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i think that you should report her to the principal or someone of greater authority. see if you can get your class mates to do it to so they really believe you. she has no right to mentally abuse her students. you should suggest to whoever you talk to that you would like someone to supervise the class as she is teaching for a couple classes. maybe then they will know what is really going on. if that doesn't work then maybe they need to set up a camera or something that records voice so she doesn't know what is going on because she could act innocent in front of the principal.

i realize that when she yelled at you about the email it was embarrassing, but just in case something like that happens again, just remember that everyone in the class realizes how unreasonable she is and they know not to make fun of you because it wasn't your fault.

#1 her. sounds like a complete tool to me.



Being strict in a classroom is okay, humilating your students is not.


tell your principal, and try to get other people to as well. if she doesn't get fired, she'll definetely have talk with the principal


Im my opinion i think you should go and report her that is a horrible thing to do. if you are unhappy i would report her . hope this helped


YES! That is extremely innapropriate for a teacher to act that way toward students. The next chance you get, go talk to a principal. She has serious anger issues it sounds like.


I would tell the principal about it, and during teaching, have him come in the room and examine it. Then ask a question and see if he yells or doesn't. If he did, she would most likely loose her job! Yes, tell the principal that's a mean teacher.


Yes report her please ! Researchers like that shouldn't be teaching best way is first one by one each of u students should report get to the vice principle and REMEMBER the school if afraid of unhappy parents. Try and get your parents to complain and the teacher will be under supervision or better yet fired.. But remember try and get parents invoiced if she us causing such a problem.