What does it mean if a guy grabs your waste?

So I was walking in the halls to my next class when this guy who was also going to my class grabed my waste. When I turned around he said "oh darn," which makes me think he was trying to tickle me? I don't know him that well, but I guess we're friends. Was this just a friendly gesture or something more. opinions pleaseeee


He is a garbage collector.

You dropped your waste while walking in the hall? And a guy picked it up? He must be a clean addict.


how should i know?

ask him, i'm pretty sure he should know why he does what he does.

maybe you looked like someone else from behind and when you turned around he was like "oh sh*t you're not that one girl i thought you were" and then he moved on with his life, you should do the same(:

by the way, waste=poo...that would be awkward...and gross.


Omg obviously they meant to say waist and i think the guy was trying to either tickle you or make a move!


sounds like he thought you were someone else. But if not it means hes really comfortable around you :)



waste = poo that wood b weird