What is the name of the red thing in the link below?

is it a camera, or a telescope?

and what brand is it?


That is a Viewmaster. Those things are AWESOME.


It is indeed a viewmaster. It would probably be considered a toy. It came with or you bought extra sets of slides (small transparent pictures) along the outer edge of a circular cardboard disk, about the size of a CD. There were 2 slides for each picture, and it gave you a 3D view of the item pictures. Theres a lever on the side that you pulled and it would index the disk so you could look at another picture.


Yep view-master. They were really cool. They worked by placing a circular slide strip in, which contained about eight different pictures, and they were really cool 3D looking. When I was young I actually collected all the super hero slide, ie batman, super man wonder woman....

Below is a link to learn more about them:

EDIT: sorry. john already posted the link while I was formulating my answer.


it looks like a view finder


It is a viewmaster.