What does '69' mean as in the bad meaning?

What does '69' mean as in the bad meaning?


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When two people perform oral sex on each other simultaneously where one person is on top of the other either horizontally or vertically; the "side view of watching this looks like the number "69" which is where the term came from (pardon the pun).


its just slang for why 6 is scared of 7...because seven ate nine.


2 people performing oral sex on each other at the same time.


its a sex position when one person lies on top of the other person and they both preform oral sex at the same time


it's when a guy's mouth is at a girl's vagina and a girls mouth is at a guys penis both at the same time.


You asked for the bad meaning and I don't know why everybody has answered like they did cause what they are telling is what I take as the "good" meaning of 69.


"bad?" 69 can be quite enjoyable, wikipedia it, it's basically mutual oral sex.


Imagine the figure '6' is a person.

Then imagine that the figure '9' is a person who is upside down.

Put them together. Imagine they're on a bed.

Et voila.