What are some conflicts a teen may face?

I want to write a story appealing to the teen age. I know they like situations where something bad happens ex.-family members that have deceased, drugs, abuse. Things like that. I need a few more ideas that could spark my imagination. By the way my 13 year old daughter has given me some ideas.


1. Pregnancy

2. Peer Pressure

3. Drugs

4. Alcohol

5. School

6. Family Problems

7. Body Image

8. Virginity

9. Gossip

10. Violence






Rude Teachers

Abusive Relationships (Physical)

Self Esteem

Sexual Identity Problems


Here's a really funny clip of a typical teenager trying to avoid washing his parents car

You can use that…


Things teens deal with:

~not fitting in

~not being understood

~poor communication with parents

~self-esteem (not being pretty, skinny, etc.)