Why was MJ the king of pop?

i really don't get it!

i don't really like him

so i have no idea what he did to be loved so much



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There's really no such thing as 'King of Pop' or 'King of Rock n Roll', etc. No one would have even called him that if Elizabeth Taylor hadn't. And he's certainly not the most talented musician ever so I don't see why people obsess over him when there's tons of musicians way more talented than him that aren't as popular. The only thing that separates Michael Jackson from others was his entertainment at concerts and in music videos. Nothing else.

@ PYT- As if. Not everyone has to love your little idol.


he was the prince of pop, self-proclaimed. I don't like him either


He was the King of popping pills. Nobody can take that title away from him.


He was a "self-proclaimed" king of pop. He was nothing special. He just had a huge ego.



Michael Jackson wasn't the king of pop.

Michael Jackson IS the king of pop, and this will be forever doesn't matter if you don't understand nothing about music!


He was crowned that when Elizabeth Taylor called him this at the Soul Train Awards in 1989

..if you truly look at his life, and all of his success as an ARTIST let alone.. there should be no question as to how he is NOT the king of pop?

Look at the link below, 372 awards he won by himself. Oh, and lets not forget Thriller.. the largest album sold EVER to this day.


He wasn't. He just started calling himself that. Yes, he's the best-selling pop artist of all time but it's still not an official title.


I didn't actually know that Liz Taylor is the one who started calling him that. However, Liz hasn't quite been all there for quite a while now and would probably put a kitten in the oven and call it a biscuit. That doesn't make it one, though.


Look, you little freaks. You can sit there in your fedoras and bedazzled gloves and mash the "thumbs down" button until your fingers bleed, it doesn't change the fact that "King of Pop" is nothing but a nickname. It never was, never is, and never will be. It's a fact. It's a stone cold fact and 100 thumbs down won't make it so. Please, mark me down some more. I look at it as a badge of honor. Let's see if we can set a record. And when we're done, I'll write the total on my copy of the "Thriller" reissue which, yes, I own. Jeez. You guys make me not want to like him any more.


Not everyone in the world will like the same thing.You don't have to get it.I bet you like people and I don't get why it's just each to their own.Michael just happened to appeal to a very,very wide audience.I'm sure you'll agree he's talented if you don't then maybe you haven't seen enough of him or learned enough about him.