Why did Michael Jackson love to wear shiny and sparkly clothes?

Cause in Rock with you he wore the sparkly (hot lol) suit, the 1984 (actually the 1983) Grammy's he wore Sparkly military jacket, glove etc. ILove You Michael! 4Ever The God of Music!<33333 MJ Haters: Back off!


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Because he liked shiny sparkly things.

It was his style, and it looked damn good on him too:)


he's a dandy boy. he needs the attention.


Cause he could really rock them, if ya know what i mean ;)


Cuz he loved to stand out! I loved EVERY outfit that was on his body! ?


No reason at all, he was original.


because they were unique:))) I mean its the same reason as to why lady gaga wears the things she wears because his wardrobe was diffrent:))) R.I.P BTW love that music video Rock With You HOT!lol <333


Because he was the KING OF POP that's why.


He was unique and i'm glad he wasn't a lemming

R.I.P. MJJ gone too soon