Beyonce telephone video costume?

I am going to a fancy dress party as Beyonce and i want to wear the USA patterened dress thing she wears when dancing in cafe near end.

Any ideas to where i can get one similar to that please?




Well, I'm not sure you're going to find it all in one piece, so I'm going to help you to put it together from lots of different things and I'll tell you the e-stores I got them from and the prices of them (It's all on the internet that you can order, and I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible).

She wears a red and white striped skirt.…

£28.00, Full skirt with red and white striped full skirt with button fastenings to the front. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.

She wears an American print shirt, this was the best I could find, and the best thing is, you can wear it just out and about after the party anyway.…

£24.99 Composed of the softest cotton and polyester blend for that figure hugging fit, this quality tee comes in washed black and has also been treated to a vintage wash for that essential vintage finish.

(I thought the t-shirt was a bit revealing and didn't search for a corset).

Wear some dark blue, or red high heels. Good luck!


You can easily get one made somewhere. You can try any of these:…

Beyonce wore red high heels. So you can easily find those anywhere however you like.


maybe you could make one. But if your too lazy to do that get someone to make it for you or go to party city.