Would people be less forgiving if Chris Brown look like Seal?

I feel some KIDS really don't care if Chris Brown comitted murder or rape or something because some girls find him cute but my question is. Would these same KIDS who claims he should have another chance give him another chance feel the same way if he look the way Seal look


Seal is amazing, don't diss his looks ;|

He is married to Heidi Klum, one of the most beautiful women out there.

I do think some people just like him for his looks. People should be over the whole Rihanna thing, though. It wasn't us that he hurt, it was her. For me, I forgive, but I don't forget. I'm not forgiving him for anything because there is nothing to forgive him for, I don't know him. I do think after his little breakdown at the awards show made people feel bad, because I see a lot of people saying that they should give him a second chance. Now, he's getting sympathy from a lot of people. Just my observation. Anyway, I don't think people would be as forgiving if he did look like Seal.


Chris Brown is just as unattractive.