Why doesn't Voldemort sparkle like Edward Cullen?

Why doesn't Voldemort sparkle like Edward Cullen?


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Because I ******* shine.


because Voldermort Is not Gay,Nikki =.=


Voldemort = wizard

Edward = vampire

Voldemort = straight

Edward = gay

Voldemort = the greatest fictional character

Edward = a worse fictional character

Voldemort = a bad a**

Edward = a creep

Voldemort = killer

Edward = stalker

The differences make it obvious why Edward would sparkle and Voldy would not because he is freaking amazing


Well, Lord Voldemort doesn't sparkle because J.K Rowling didn't want him to. Instead, Voldemort has no nose (but he can smell you from a mile away.) and he is pale white. Did I mention that Voldemort is an evil wizard not a sparkly flower ?


First- raychall you need to take a breath.

Second- this question made my day.


My theory is that Voldemort doesnt sparkle because he has bad genes.


Because Voldemort is not a vampire, duh


why does edward cullen sparkle? vampires aren't supposed sparkle. vampires feast on your blood and entrails and leave. they don't fall in love with mortals. they don't go to high school. in fact, if jasper wants to kill bella over a paper cut, why is jasper even in a public school? i mean, that's just asking for something to go wrong. in response to your question about voldemort and his lack of sparkle power, it is because both lord voldemort and edward cullen are fictional characters in a book by completely different authors. J.K Rowling is not as gay or contrived as Stephanie Meyer and therefore the characters of the Harry Potter Series are not as gay or contrived as the characters of the Twilight Saga.


What kind of question is that? Uhh maybe because Voldemorts a evil wizard and Edwards a gay vampire?