How do i become a famous actress?

I need help i have gotten nothing but compliments on my performances and i want to live out my dream of becoming a famous actress! Everyone thinks im ready we just don't know how to get started!?!?!?!?! please help!


Having the drive and talent already makes it so u have more than 60% of the abilities to become famous! Most famous people either know someone or they........just get lucky! :/ like Josh Dumall he was discovered in a Starbucks with a mullet and they just thought he was going to be great and i guess he is! So good luck!


fame doesnt make you talented

and it damn sure doesn't mean you'll have longevity

do it because you love it not because you want attention




You have to know people. A lot of famous people and a lot of connections, if you want to be a Hollywood actress. If you're REALLY good you can act in independent films which are actually good quality movies.

EDIT: I'm not really up on this how to get into Hollywood but the only advice I can give to you is: make connections, meet people, be very outgoing, the more people you meet the more people will know your name. The more people that know your name in Hollywood the better your chances are at being offered THE part.