Why do people STILL compare the Jonas Brothers and the Beatles?

I was just wondering because I know a lot of people are all like "The Jonas Brothers will never be the next Beatles and should stop trying". Do people even know that the Jonas Brothers aren't comparing themselves to the Beatles nor trying to be them? All they have ever said is that the Beatles were a musical influence to them. If it was anyone who said that, it was the little fan girls who have moved on to calling Justin Bieber the next King of Pop, (which we all know, will NEVER happen).

I was just wondering what you think.


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I think the reason why all of these people say that is:Ignorance!

These ignorant kids,tweens,and teens think that just because The Jonas Brothers are popular,that they must be as good or better than The Beatles!

Got news for all of you delusional fans:Popular doesn't equal as good or better and it never did!

In today's music world it's very easy to be here today and gone tomorrow.Heck The Beatles knew this as far back as 1963!

I quote John Lennon:"Well how long are you gonna last,you really can't say. You can be big-headed and say:'Yeah we're gonna last 10 years',but as soon as you've said that you think:'You know we'll be lucky to last 3 months!' "

Heck Ringo,at one point,wanted to open a chain of hair dressing salons because he was convinced that The Beatles would last a year,2 at the he wanted to take his Beatle money and sink it into his chain of salons!

All I have to say is that at least The Beatles didn't need a mouse(Disney)to become famous!


I started that! I answered any Jonas brothers question with "The Jonas bros are the next Beatles" and I get a flood of thumbs down :)


they dont deserve to be compared to the most successful band of all time - the beatles are way better and have real music, The JBros wont ever achieve what the Beatles did!


Any one who thinks that the jonas brothers is better than the beatles or michael jackson should get beat up


I haven't seen the comparison or at least I haven't heard it in a long time.

Obviously, the Jonas Brothers do not even compare. Their career is over anyways.


if you found Q like that just ignore it,kids nowadays love trolling,and fortunately pedobear love trolling kids.


Jonas Brother's don't even deserve to be compared to The Beatles. -.-


The Jonas brothers are just music for little kids. THe Beatles were music for everyone. They are way better than Jonas brothers.