Did chris brown cry on the bet awards because he forgot the words?

He is so lame. Come on chris admit it. You forgot the words.


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haha this was a good way for him to try to get people to forgive him this "mj tribute" nobody can turn mj away, but everyone needs to remember he beat the crap out of rihanna.


chris brown has cried because he wasnt able to go on stage for a while after what had happen so never mind micheal jackson he's been gone 4 a year now nobody will cry for him now or nobody poors their gutz out 4 him like that so dont talk for chris brown if he aint related to you ms. "stick that in your juice box"


I was thinking the same thing.


1st of all when did he forget the words? and y would he cry because of that? he did great


Wtf? How could he have forgotten the words? He's a legit Michael Jackson fan and Man In The Mirror is one of his famous songs, its impossible for a fan not to know the words to that song.

Second, you can even SEE him mouthing the words to the audience.. he just can't physically sing it because he's crying. Have you tried singing while crying? Yeah, doesn't work out too hot.


LOL , i doubt it though. like everyone knows the words to that song even me and i suck at lyrics


omg this was the first time he could do a tribute to the man he has looked up to all his life.


yah you know you secretly have a chris brown shrine and shiit and your just on his balls. and now since all the other cool people dont like chris cause of thaqt illuminati ho you wanna be cooly cooly like the other stupid ignorant people who think they are thee shiit coochi coochi cooooooo:D awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww