What happened with Chris Brown at BET?

What happened with Chris Brown at BET?


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he did the thing at the BET Awards , then cried during man in the mirror

the video is all over youtube


He was in full comeback mode. He was dancing and singing, proving that he still had it and then b*tch out and started to fake cry while performing man in the mirror. It was so staged him crying during man it the mirror, think about it that wasn't michael's best song, be could of performed something totally better but he did that song in order for people to think he was sorry by crying.


He faked cried so he can TRY and get people to feel sorry for him & forgive him.


He cried on stage while singing "Man in the mirror". This was either because he was upset over the loss of a musical inspiration or he just didn't like the man he saw in the mirror anymore. I mean would you?


He cried when singing Man In The Mirror a tribute to Michael Jackson


He beat up Michael Jackson's tribute and was a mess.


He broke down crying while performing a Michael Jackson tribute.


he was crying when singing man in the mirror.