What Japanese Honerific Would Toshiro Hitsugaya be? (San, Chan, ect.)?

well i was wondering about toshiro hitsugaya from the anime bleach, what honerific would he be? like kun cause hes a boy or chan cause hes a kid, or what do you think?


If I remember correct, I believe it's still San...But I'm unsure...

Do some research, I'm sure you'll find the answer...Good luck hun..

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I agree with the person above me. '-taichou' is the better choice.


People in the anime call him hitsugaya-taicho


I dont watch Bleach but I know plenty of honorifics, im sure you know it all depends on the relationship of the person to whomever you are calling. Honorifics like -chan and -kun are directed to those whom you share a very close bond, kinda like in America being on a first name basis, but in general can be applied to younger children, this is considered rude to use on an older person because it is a reduction of stature. -san is the absolute most common honorific, its typical use is mostly meant for equals or people that share a certain bond, such as older classmates or people working at the same job. -sama is the much more proper version of -san, usually left to only be used for superior, the elderly and bosses. If im not mistaken, the character you are talking about is a captain, so any other underling, he would be referred to as -sama, by by those closest to him, -san would be acceptable if he deemed it so.


If he were not known well (or closely), he would be addressed as -san.

If her were a child, he would still be called -kun or -chan, depending on the person. Someone wishing to respect him or show endearment toward him may call him -kun regardless of whether it "fits" yet as his age. Otherwise, he could also be called -chan by someone wishing to poke fun at him, emphasize his young cuteness, or just address him as a child...The honorific -chan is less common, anyway, for older children.

In closing, your safest bet would be -san, but you can go with -kun just as well (depending on the circumstances).


It depends whos tlkng to him but hes not a kid hes actually pretty old and hes a superior because hes one of the captains but say you were just tlkng about him he would prbly just be kun