Where can i download or find ben 10 comics?

i mean real comics. not those silly stories that ppl make.



First of all, I love you!

Being a Ben Ten fan on a grand scale myself, it's nice to see another person who appreciates the series! lol, I'm so lame but honestly I couldn't care less, Ben Ten is uber awesome! :D


I don't know about online, but the comic books are produced by D.C. comics for the C.N. You can buy a subscription online from dc-universe. It's less than $20.00 for 12 issues. The only bad thing (?) is they don't always have a Ben Ten story in every issue. You can also get them off e-bay sometimes.

At the moment, authentic comics regarding Ben ten are very limited and unfortunately somewhat uncommon. Still, keep an eye out as you never know what might show up!

Goodluck! ;)