Steps to become a Naruto fan?

As in, the necessary things you have to do, so people recognize you as a narutard. Me and my friend have decided to become that cuz we loooove the anime, and I'm currently following the manga. It rules!

So yeah, are there any *necessary* steps to becoming a narutard?



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There aren't really definite necessary steps to becoming a narutard.

Just follow the anime / manga or both ! :) Haha.

Enjoy Naruto, always keep yourself updated with the next episode or chapter, I suppose.

If you want, you could like, read the character's profiles & all.

:) .just type whatever interests you about naruto into the little searchbox @the side :P .


Simply put, you just have to enjoy watching naruto or reading naruto enough :).


Hi, I think Naruto is stupid. It is just as bad as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever else you watch that is like that. I suggest the following so that you may become a non-Naruto fan:don't watch it, don't read it, don't trade the cards, and don't buy the stuffed animals orfigures.


No necessary steps.. You could find people and talk nonstop about Naruto, like me. But, just keep reading and watching it. That's all that's necessary. In order to become a fan for anything, you just have to really enjoy whatever it is.


1. Only read the manga or watch the anime.

2. Claim Naruto is the best series there is.

3. Ignore the notion/thought that there are better manga/anime series besides Naruto.

4. ?

5. Profit!


You have to just genuinely like it no one can tell you how thats like impossible.


The only things to 'need' to do to become a Naruto fan are watch/read Naruto and like it... then you're a fan of it.


be a dumb *** who likes the worst anime ever


Step 1: Watch the anime 5 times and memorize the important parts.

Step 2: Read the manga 10 times and memorize everything

Step 3: Buy as much expensive Naruto stuff as possible, don't mind credit card debts.

Step 4: Become an annoying show off whenever Naruto is mentioned in a conversation.

****There is no necessary steps to become a naruto fan. However people will recognize you as one if you watch and read the entire series and manga ( only once :D)*****