If these characters had disorders what will they be?

Well I am making a Naruto story and I just wanted to know about what you guys think due to I am confused about this and I don't know a lot about disorders.So I want to know what disorder or disorders these characters will have and why you think they have that disorder.And I do know that they are not real and what not but this is for a story that I am doing and try to be nice to me as in don't say anything mean about the characters or anything mean I am a sensitive person.

Hear are the characters






Pain or Pein how ever you want to spell his name he is the leader with the short hair

And Madara not Tobi.(all thou Tobi is___not telling!But I know)

And I am sorry if this is a really odd or dumb thing for me to ask but I just want to know for my story and I do fell odd in asking this but it was bugging me.Thank you all for the answers for you who answer.


1) sasuke - Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder - i think its somewhat self explanatory

2) itachi - sadistic personality disorder -or- passive aggressive personality disorder - yeah...

3) naruto - narcissistic personality/ god complex/ or simply ADD/ADHD - everything must be about him

4)Deidara - ive got nothing

5) sasori - hmm... maybe sadistic personality disorder...

6) pein (yeah, its spelled with an "e") - sadistic personality disorder. defiantly.


Sasuke is a text book narcissist, itachi is a total schizoid (loner type), naruto has adhd, i dont really know about deidara, sasori has antisocial personality disorder, pain is your classic sociopath cult leader, and madara is the same as pain


I think it will be Antisocial Personality Disorder.


sasuke has i hate the world disorder

Deidara has text book narsasism

pain is emo

naruto has adhd

sasori is a mommy con

this is all in my opinion and not all of these are real


I think Naruro should have ADD.