Was Hinata stupid fighting pain?

i don't think so but other people say so. what do u think?


I Don't think so because naruto did not look like he had a plan for beating pain pin down to the floor like that plus it didnt look like anyone was going to save him. hinata could have been like inoue and just said his name as he gets taken away. and beileve it or not hinata did save naruto, which he saved the village. it had nothing to do about her proving her love. what u do if Ur loved was going to die and would u reget it more if u done nothing to save them? hinata is a ture unique person to be around.


Yes it was but naruto would've never defeated pain if she hadn't done that.


she is cool but when they fought it was so intense I was like omg i am so in love I found hinata fancily


Nope. She was protecting the boy she loves.


OF COURSE NOT. She knew that she couldn't win but she did it to protect Naruto and buysome time for the ninjas to find pain's hiding place. I'm sure Naruto will fight a lot better now after seeing her like that.


She wanted to prove her love to Naruto, so yes. Besides, it gave Kishi a perfect chance to let Naruto have a chance to beat Pain. You should read the manga dude if you don't already do.


She was trying to show off for Naruto, lol.