Where can i find ch 16 for uraboku?

lol ok sooo i dont know if i missed something.. or what.. but what happened to ch 16 for uraboku? every site goes from ch 15 straight to ch 17... so im not sure if im missing something.

so i guess im searching for answers to these questions:

1. why is there no ch 16?

2. if there is a 16 where can i find it?

3. if its not available to read.. can someone atleast tell me what happens in that chapter?

ok if you have an answer to any of the questions please tell me. it would be very much appreciated :D


1. There's no real reason why Chapter 16 isn't hosted in many places, but most likely, it's because of the C&D orders.

2. Chapter 16 can be found and downloaded from the specific scanlation group scanning Uraboku.…

(If you'd like, you should make a LJ account to track the updates from this scanlation group.)

Chapter 16 DL:…

3. Answered by #2?

Hope I was able to help. (: