Strongest unfused character in dragon ball z? Description before answering. . . .?

1) Strongest Human character (Not counting GT, GT was complete BS)

2)Strongest bad guy (again, don't use GT)

3) Strongest Character general (not GT, once again)

4) strongest good guy

1) To me, strongest Human is krillin, followed by tien

2) Strongest bad guy is Buu absorbed (listen all you god damned anime fan boys, it makes no since for Kid Buu to be stronger, if he was, Goku/Vegita would never of fused. Secondly, as stated in the show/manga, kid Buu is not STRONGER, he just has no control.)

3) again, not counting fusions, has to go to Buu Gohan

4) Mystic Gohan

Open to any changes, just want to see what others think.


1) I would have to say either Krillian or Tienshinhan. I only say Krillian because you see him fight a lot more than Tein.

2) Kid Buu definitely had the highest power level, as well as regenerating powers and intense ki attacks.

3) Mystic Gohan was the strongest unfused character in the whole series. I don't agree with your choice because I think that when Buu absorbs a character it counts as a fusion.

4) Again, Mystic Gohan.


1. I would say Tien was the strongest (non alien fighter) He was able to sub due Cell in his 2nd form which non of the others could even touch!

2. Kid buu...he was ruthless and had no regard for life. The fused form at least had some intellect to make certain choices where his perfect form did not

3. If your going by sheer power level I'd say ss4 goku, but in terms of the fighter at that time I'd say ss2 gohan when he was fighting cell. He was completely invincible and if he kept training like goku did he would still be the strongest by far

4. ss2 gohan! def favorite of all of them!


1) tien because in dragonball he is like the 4th strongest

2)dabura just because he nearly beat gohan

3)gohan beacause he is the 3rd strongest character in dragonball z

4)gohan same reason


-The strongest human character? Ten-shin-han, probably. He held Mutant Cell at bay for minutes.

-The strongest bad guy?

Hachiyak? He was the Tuffle supercomputer who very nearly destroyed Vegeta, Gohan and Goku on his own.

Brolly was supposed to be insanely powerful, wasn't he? I mean, Freezer's fear of something like him was why he destroyed Planet Vegeta in the first place...

I thought Kid Buu was supposed to be the most powerful because absorbing the Kaio-shins had suppressed his complete power instead of increasing it...

- I thought the strongest character and good guy was Son Goku by default. Wasn't his SS3 supposed to exceed Mystic Gohan in terms of raw power?