Which manga is this picture from?

I want to ask if anyone know which manga is this picture from?

Thank you for your help.


Usually that's used as part of a recruitment page that the scanlators Starry Heavens use.…

That's an example of the full image.

The actual image itself is not a manga. It's from a how to draw manga guide by Kurumatani Haruko. Each little segment is usually 2-3 pages long and featured in Sho-Comi.…

The mangaka does have other works though so if you like the art style check them out :3…


This is some manga with name 'Butler' in it. Its either "black butler" or "combat butler" or may be "xxxholic". Most probably combat butler.


i know its not from black butler or xxxholic but if u do find what it really is plz tell me it looks cool