Can Anyone Identify This Manga?

I haven't read it for a long time, so I've completely forgot the name.

Basically, it's a high school romance manga about this girl who likes to write stories on her cell phone. She realizes that she never experienced love before, so she somehow tricks the most popular guy in the school to do "missions" for her so that she can experience the emotions and put it in her story.

The most recent chapter I remember is one where the main guy's childhood friend (I think) tricks her into cleaning the school pool all by herself. I think she caught a cold that way, which went completely unnoticed by the main guy. The heroine's cousin notices though, and is angry at the main guy for not noticing that the heroine was sick.

... And if it helps, the heroine's boob size changes every chapter. Or at least it felt that way :P


Watashi ni xx Shinasai

You can read it here…

Here is some more information on it…

Edit: Yes, it seems as if she takes growth hormones before every chapter... they're humongous now :o


i want to read that but the last paragraph was to detaled


I want to read this just bcuz of that last paragraph