I want to save up for a guitar?

I want to save up for a guitar that is $60. I only get some small change every week. What is a way that I can save up my money that I will not be tempted to spend it? Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep my money safe from being spent (i am tempted very easily) and without giving it to my parents?



First of all, just saying, a $60 guitar is probably really bad no offense. my first guitar was 60, and it was absolutely horribleeeee. That's just my opinion.

But for your money situation, what I do, when I save up for something, ( I make $24 a week) and I put $20 away each week, and it adds up very quickly. And then I hide it in this deep dark secret place in my closet, with a note on top of it reminding me not to spend it!

It works perfectly for me.

So in your case, I would put a big percentage of money that you get each week away, and hide it some deep dark secret place, with a note on top reminding you to not spend it!

I hope that helps buddy(: good luck!


When I got a job they put the money right in the bank instead of a pay check, and ask if I wanted it in savings or checking could see if that is possible...and a $60 guitar is probably not very good, just saying (but it could work as a beginning guitar)