What are signs an Aquarius girl likes you?

There is a girl that I think might like me but im not sure. She is an aquarius...

So then what are some signs that she could like me?

BTW: I am a Gemini guy.



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hahaha... i am aquarius and i can't even give you an exact answer. sometimes if i like a guy i approach him directly and talk to him.. and try to know more about him.. i always ask many question to know more about a person. :p but sometimes i get too shy to just even strike a conversation. it depends on the person... my aquarius bestfriend is even more discreet like i knew who her crush on high school was only after 3 yrs...... i think the Venus sign is more responsible for a person's approach to love&relationships... so i suggest you to try to find out what her venus sign is :)


I am in love with an Aquarius guy...they are confusing!


i like how 3 people already star'd this...are aquarius girls really that tricky?

believe me, you'll know when she likes you.

it'll be more than obvious.

usually i'll wait for the guy to admit his feelings first but if it takes too long and i'm sick of waiting and really like him and think he has a thing for me, i'll tell him straight up how i feel. although that tactic hasn't been that successful in the past. usually i'll just give that certain flirtatious look and i can't stop smiling around that person cus they make me so happy inside.


An Aquarius paying attention to you doesn't mean SHE necessarily likes you. With guys I would say that's more the case. For a girl see if she actually comments on specific things about you, or starts questioning you.

Gemini girl. <3~


If she pays attention to you...and I don't mean like, quick attention and then she's off to something else, but if she's able to focus on you, enjoy your conversation, give you lots of attention and laughs at yours jokes (sincerely!), then chances are she likes you.


It's hard to tell, they are very eccentric and hard to know.


Well I being an aquarius girl born on the 30th of January can tell you this

When we like you we make a lot of eye contact, we want to talk to you for hours even if that mean's giving up study time, we love getting attention, we try to make you feel comfortable in your own space, we compliment you a lot, we love people giving us fame, we respect those whom are of higher standards to us, we love attractive people - that turns us on and pretty much if you're a good human being with good morals we're most likely to turn to you.

Hope I helped! XO


There are some of aqua girl that ignores u at first because they want you to make the first move to approach them. Aqua girl nature is to hide their real feelings, they have to be sure of you' re intentions before they reveal what' s inside of them. Once you showed your sincerity towards them, they know how to give back and please don' t be confuse with their approaches. If an aqua girl likes a guy, and a guy approaches her the reaction might be the opposite of what she really feels and when an aqua girl approaches by a "simple friend guy" u can see the big difference, she would be more comfortable to talk, or not shy to talk. I' m telling u because i am an aqua girl.