How Do Scorpios Find Virgos?

how would a scorpio man find a virgo girl annoying? nice? mysteroius?

would they make a good match?

how would a cancer man find a virgo girl annoying? nice? Mysteroius?

would they make a good match

which couple would have better sex?


thanks :)


I dont think scoropios n virgos would make a good match. Scorpios can b mean, and a virgo could get really hurt. cancers and virgos could get along, their both passive. Better sex? Probably the scorpio n virgo. Because fire signs r passionate, n passion used in the right places can send a a girl to the moon...but the drama afferward isnt worth the sex. And I think the sexual energy might balance. Because virgos r submissive n the most energy they put up might b good for scorpios who only need to exert minimal energy to make a virgo happy. Simple terms: virgo would b wiped out, when scorpio's just getting started.


Its like virgos are liked or hated by scorpios, but I couldn't careless about them anyway cos I don't like them and I never will.

Cancers I have no problem with, as long as they gimme space and time out then I would be happy.


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@Answer above me: *facepalm*

SCORPIO is a WATER sign.

Virgos can go with either both signs, since water and earth is always a good combination. My boyfriend is a Scorpio, if that helps. :]

Sex? Can't talk about that, I'm still a Vigin.


One thing you CAN NOT do is criticize a Scorpio. Especially the hot headed ones, they will get so mad at you and lash out and you will just be sitting there and wondering what you did lol. I've done that. Virgos can be critical and nit picky and pick out the faults in others. With Scorpios you cannot do that or they will get pissed and start acting like b!tches.

With Cancers they are less temperamental than Scorpios, but you can't criticize them either.

Water signs are more sensitive, however fire signs are sensitive to criticisms too. And us Virgos are great at criticizing. If you do not criticize a Scorpio or Cancer things can run smoothly. I think Virgos go better with Scorpios as they can be a little more exciting but I don't get a long with them. I love Cancer men. I really have not found a nice and good hearted Scorpio as they just can be so mean and cold and play so many mind games. Cancers don't do those things but there will still be drama. Water signs==drama. But some drama (Scorpio drama) is worse than others.


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Uhhhm Ah, well they had a-this guy had a really good answer like....6 questions ago :|


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