What is your kissing style? whats your sign?

what kinda kisses do u like? =)


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i like soft sweet casual kisses, that builds into something extremely sexy with a little tongue. nothing too wild & immediate, if that makes any sense. I'm very sensual, with very full lips. as long as they're soft, sweet & delicate; I'm satisfied.


Personally I don't think my Sun sign (Gemini) has a lot to do with my kissing style, I would say my Mars in Cancer has a much greater influence on what I find to be physically stimulating. While kissing, the Cancerian qualities present themselves by wanting the kiss to be very sweet and tender; I like to sense within his kiss that my partner genuinely cares about me. I don't like aggression at all within a kiss, it frightens me a little ;P


French kissing girls

and Peck kissing guys

Im a tease with guys and much more in2 it w/ girls.

Yeah im biiiisexual! and Im a gemini !


kissing style: i'm up for whatever

kind of kisses: the good kind, switch it up, fast slow, etc


I depends on what kind of mood I'm in LOL - Virgo


Soft tender that gets passionate and aggressive after a while. Not just aggressive from the start lol


i like passionate aggressive kisses, but with a touch of sweetness in them


lips/neck are nice :3

full necking just gets sloppy and repetitive though

if you're feeling feisty, maybe a teensy bit of tongue action? =o

makes things interesting~ Taurus