What is it with Scorpio men and their disappearing acts?!?

He's a Scorpio and I'm a Cancer. We're not dating, but he used to like me, and now I've been giving him signs. He seems to really enjoy talking to me, but sometimes, he just disappears. The first time was for about a week, and it was after we had hung out. I wasn't sure how I felt about him then, and that day, he seemed to be holding back a bit, but kept asking me questions about myself. So he didn't sign on msn, or call, so i called him, trying to show that I care. Eventually, he came back around, and we talked almost every day, and now he's disappeared again! This is veryyy frustrating. I really like him, and I don't know if he only likes me as a friend. What is up?


Ha ha. Coming from a Scorpio girl dating a Cancer guy, I can easily explain. (Went through the same thing!)

He's disappears because he's going to think about what you're saying to figure out what you mean by it, and if there's some sort of hidden meaning. Scorpios, they're mysterious, right? Well, they want to know what your reaction is when you don't see them for a period of time, when they truly can't stand being without you^^

He may like you, of course, and if he does, you'll often catch him looking at you. But if you do, know he'll get shy and look away most likely.

A Scorpio and A Cancer bond slowly, but feel like they've known each other their entire lives at the same time. They spend the most of their time in the "Best friend" stage. So, you'll have to wait a little while during the time he wants to figure you out.

The best thing to do is find a creative way to tell him you like him. Ha...I wrote "Suki Dayo" on a piece of paper and gave it to my boyfriend, and in Japanese, it means "I like you", so he went home on an online translator and figured out what it meant. Day after, we're going out, so it takes time and creativity.

Of course, being a Scorpio, he'll admire any creativity and comedy you throw at him. To earn a Scorpio's love, you must first earn his trust and respect. Why is it so hard though? Ha. I am one, it's hard to explain, but we only trust about two people throughout our entire lives...Make yourself one of those two.

Oh, and Scorpios hate betrayal more than anything.

Also, try hanging out with him as much as possible: Scorpios like clinginess, and he probably already knows that you like him. He just doesn't say anything.

Also, chances are, he might like you!

~The Best Of Luck^^!~

EDIT:: Oh, and, if he DOESN'T like you, then he'll just try and COMPLETELY ignore you. XD Scorpios hate people who are annoying...And as long as he talks to you and doesn't look bored, you have a good [great] chance!


They need time to be hidden away from the world for a bit.

It's kind of just how they work.

I understand your frustration though (:


i agree with that japanese chick


he likes you, scorpio men like to be with people for some time and then be alone for some time.


they dont want u to know thier secrets. lay off u overbearing cancerian!


You should talk to him...Especially if he's looking at you^^

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You have to make sure that he is Scorpio. Western astrology will say he has a Scorpio Sun. But if you do the correct calculation using Eastern Jyotish, his Sun may or may not be in Scorpio. This is because that Western astrology does not include the calculation for the procession of the equinoxes. And therefore a Scorpio Sun can end up in Capricorn. The Scorpio in Eastern Jyotish calculation is indicated by the rising sign located in the sign of Scorpio. Here is where the true qualities of the Scorpio arise. This kind of chart is a watery sign ruled by Mars. But that Mars is a sixth house Mars meaning that the Scorpio is capable of being sharp in speech and action. If the mutable Scorpio is attracted to you, he will be in-tow. You have to be sure that he is a bonified Scorpio, not the Sun sign, but the rising sign.


What is the name of ur Scorpio guy and how old is he? I have Scorpio guy on MSN also..