Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man--Compatibility?

I know that Virgo and Scorpio are our sun signs and that other signs (such as moon, rising, etc.) come into play---but I don't know the additional sign's for the Scorpio.

So in general---how compatible are the two?


Virgo & Scorpio

The more the Virgoan probes the Scorpio's mysterious personality, the more surprises he or she finds. But the Scorpio's display of confidence spirits away the Virgo's anxieties. Also, the Scorpio may arouse the Virgo to unexpected frenzies of emotional intensity, especially in bed. These two signs have a great deal to learn from one another. They can observe, understand, and respect each other's private sides mutually: one is devoted to mystery and the other to business. And the intensely jealous Scorpio will find the Virgo to be unfailingly loyal and faithful.


Virgo and Scorpio's are a perfect match