Capricorns and Breakups please answer caps :)?

cold, cruel kind of harsh rude and refuse to be friends it turns into hatred?

we broke up for a few months a year or more ago he was awful told secrets, became really vindictive and cruel was really mean and rude did anything and everything he knew i hated to get back at me im so opposite of this but he explained after we got back together that he said hurtful things and acted angry but he was doing it because he was really really hurt and he didnt know how to express being upset but when he gets upset it turns to anger are most of you capricorns like this?


I've come to believe Capricorns are awful. My ex was a capricorn too and he would get angry and mean when he didn't know what else to do. He was never willing to admit he was wrong over anything and it ended with him just leaving the scene of the crime with me so to explanation for the ways he used me. ..just ran away, that's all he did.


Yes, even though they are quiet and calm on the outside, they be vindictive and evil on the inside. The will use you for whatever they cat get out of you, sex, money, etc. Once they're mad at you they go into revenge mood, and they wont stop until they have made their point. Which was to hurt you as much as possible. So my advice would be to leave him alone, hes not worth your dignity or time.


I'm not a Capricorn, but...

What you are describing seems more like a Scorpio to me, though Capricorns can also be vindictive if you really really hurt them (but unlikely).


When they're hurt & upset, they're very similar to Scorpios. Plus, Caps usually bottle everything in (hence their reputation for being clam & cool) but they're only human and need to let it out once in a while.

Actually I think you should be flattered that he trashed you because Capricorns are notorious for being cold & unfeeling if they choose to be. He could have easily shrugged you off & go after the next woman without any more feelings for you. That he actually got upset shows how much you meant to him.


That doesn't surprise me. Someone said earlier that Capricorns are just Scorpios in suits, with which I agree.


I'm a male Capricorn (Sun and Moon in Cap with Leo rising) and yes, it's true we are extremely vindictive when we believe we've been done wrong. If the strong urge is not controlled, we'll vindicate to the point of cruelty or until we feel satisfied. Sometimes it means erasing your existence from memory, other times is completely sabotaging your existence. The difference between a Capricorn and a Scorpio is our actions and thoughts are often meticulously planned while Scorpio's cruelty is generally spontaneous. It's important to offer a sincere apology to reduce the likelihood of the wrath.


I am a Cappie and breaking up is hard for me because I tend to cling. If I have been wrongfully hurt by someone yes I am vindictive. I will either make your existence hell for a time period or erase you like you never existed. When I cling it could be direct or indirect. I could contact you to work things out or you will remain in my thoughts for period of time. I am very calm and collected and my wrath could be horrible. I don' t do it to people I don' t care about. The fact a laid my wrath down on you means you meant alot to me and hurt me in the worst way.