What turns you on, and what's your Eros sign?

I'm a Leo Eros, and being chased turns me on (although, I'm not very good at playing hard to get.) I like to feel like someone is making a real effort to win me over.


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when a guy is CONFIDENT, and i like a guy when he gives me alot of attention,and he is outgoing and the partying type, lol. and i like attractive guys with specific features, but im guessing your question has to do with only personailty.....

i have a leo eros too


Aries Eros.

Insightful, creative and silly men turn me on, but also if they have a nice and firm butt.


I don't really know.


Eros in Scorpio. Kinky things turn me on LOL.


My Eros is in Pisces and well...I would like to try different stuff if I'm with a trusted partner,only then.

It does say that those with my Eros are willing to try anything most of the times,but like I said only with someone I totally trust.


Sagittarius. I like an exotic looking girl with a nice chest and legs, who's not afraid to experiment & get wild! ;^P


Mine's in Aries in the 5th house, and I like either chasing or being chased. Both are fun.


WOOOOOOOO I'm so happy right now! :D

I just looked it up and my Eros is in CANCER, and low and behold I have always went googoo gaga for Cancer men! That explains a lot :) Thanks!

And my biggest turn ons with men are sense of humor, confidence, loyalty, devotion and a toss in a bit of cockiness ;P