Who would you prefer from these two sun/moon sign combinations?

Capricorn sun

Cancer moon


Cancer sun

Capricorn moon


Capricorn sun Cancer moon is betta!Cancer rules the Moon,so this is in a good placement,but the Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment,or the weakest sign to have it in.Capricorn or Cancer Suns can be fine either way,but i like Capricorns betta!


cancer sun capricorn moon.


Cancer sun and Capricorn moon- that's my mother. So that one obviously since I love her so much!


Either way, they both suck. But, I guess I'd rather deal with a Capricorn Moon.


Well since I am Scorpio Sun and Aries Moon, I'd go with Cancer Sun & Capricorn Moon because of better compatibility.


Either way, they both cool.

Actually, the second one. The individual would be more stronger.


HA HA badASS avatar dude! They are both decently compatible I'd say