Do Geminis really have feelings?

Sometimes it feels like they are the most sensitive people on the face of earth, when in truth they may have been faking it all along.

Can a Gemini love deeply, or are they in fact in love with their own idealistic 'image'?


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I'm not unemotional what so ever.. I'm actually quite sensitive and it shows in public (I cryed alooot in school and wherever I was if I felt bad), I really need a nurturing kind of lover who understand that I need them all the time..... I have dated Aquarius, some of them were way too uncaring for me even. I know that I need someone who sees me for who I really am. a love that will last. The person also needs to be somewhat mature. To show their kindness to me. Which has to last longer than your momentary feeling of lust.


Of course we have feelings, we just don't wear them on our sleeve. Why? It just isn't in our nature to do so... We are more thinkers than feelers, but that does not mean our feelings aren't there. Intellect just naturally takes the center stage over emotions, most of the time.


Listen to this , If you want a Gemini to fall deeply in love with you. Don't ever hurt them. Don't lie to them, and don't mess around on them.


I can understand your question. It might seem like what you say is the case but I do know there isnt anyone without feelings.


Yes, Geminis have feelings it's just that they are incredibly good at keeping it to themselves. In fact, I would say that they are so unemotional that they can even hide their own feelings from themselves! Still, the lack of emotion should not be taken personally AT ALL by an outsider. It's just who they are. Look into their eyes and you can see the emotion hiding in there. It gives them an incredibly interesting, and unique type of mysteriousness in my opinion.


Of course,we do have feelings.Geminis are misunderstood always.For many people im this person who is detached from deeper feelings and stuff.But well then there are very few who can totally vouch for the side of mine where i'm extremelyyyy attached to people and share things with them.I think only people who are really close to me have access to this other side if not im as unemotional as ever.


Actually, I might have to disagree with them being the most sensitive. Air signs in general are sensitive to certain sounds and tastes, but with real emotions, they do not show it very often. Many Geminis that I have known were more on the critical side (Air sign trait) than showing affection for others. Can a Gemini love deeply? That I do not know but they may have true feelings below.

In general, Geminis love to have fun and live everyday like it were their last day. I work with a woman that is a Gemini. Very critical and hates the job and is unstable in her working at the job. Because Gemini is of the Mutable quality (change, flexibility, unstablest) yet do not show emotion, Gemini people can make for complex situations.

Geminis do not like to appear weak and vulnerable, so they hide their feelings. Prince and Johnny Depp are great examples of a Gemini personality.


yes. but they hide them well! Geminis are quick to say "Oh, come on, cheer up! Be brave!" and they live according to this principle but at times they can be deeply emotional, they care much about what people think of them.